Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tourist Time

Yesterday, we drove from Vermont, through Massachusetts and New York, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where we camped for at least the fifth time on the trip. A couple days ago, in Herkimer, New York, they shut off the water in the bathrooms as we were showering. Sarah had to go to the nearby river to rinse the shampoo out of her hair. None of the little fish that visited her locks were harmed. As we head further south, we’ll have to pay more attention to the weather if we’re going to camp. The humidity as we pitched the tent last night wasn’t bearable. Luckily, it dissipated about 90 minutes later. The camping has been great. Sarah has embraced it. In all truth, she’s the vet. I never camped anywhere in my life before this trip except in my back yard as a kid.

We occasionally stay in a hotel. Especially after the day we had the showers turned off on us. It’s nice to get a private shower. Although, throughout the trip, we’ve gotten into our rooms late after driving and then get out late in the morning, usually to the knocks of, “Housekeeping!” At times, the ring of our phone by the front desk has been necessary. It has felt like we’re fugitives on the run from the hotel police.

Today we go to the nation’s capitol. We’re not considering it as a new home; Sarah has never been to Washington, D.C. So, today we try to whirlwind through the monuments and the Smithsonian.

- Randy

Washington DC
We somehow managed to find free (and legal!) parking and walked from there to all the monuments we had time to see. It was incredibly hot and because it was nearly cloudless until the late afternoon, it was also very sunny and humid. However, we were inspired by everything we saw and therefore didn’t much mind the heat. First we checked out the Jefferson Monument. Then we went to the nearby FDR Monument. Afterwards we headed to see the World War II Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, The Lincoln Monument, and The Vietnam War Memorial. Almost the entire time we had a view of the Washington Monument, but didn’t end up having time to go get up close to it, or the Smithsonian area, or the White House. Randy had been to most of the monuments during a previous trip and I was familiar with what most of them looked like, but the FDR Monument and the World War II Memorials were newer and so neither of knew what to expect. Both were beautifully, impressively well done. All were awe-inspiring and thought provoking. We really enjoyed the day and were so glad we decided to make time for the tourist stop.

- Sarah

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