Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How Can You Spend 8 Weeks Together?

  • "You're only lost if you stop."
  • "If you don't stop for directions and a f*#$@&$! bathroom right NOW, the wedding is off."
  • "Please turn off the Lionel Richie."
  • "Where are we going now?"
  • "Are you hungry yet?"
  • "You're hungry again?"

The number one question we have gotten during our trip and now that we have returned has been, "How's the relationship after sooooo much time together in a moving box?"

It's great. No sugar-coating: we did have a couple of heated debates, over politics. Otherwise, Sarah was an incredible travel companion and I hope the fact that I did most of the driving made up for my behavior. I think the planning we did and extensive conversation before and during the trip made us comfortable with the 'we time.' We kept a very open agenda and rested when we needed to rest. We camped several times but when pricing made sense or we just needed the luxury of a room, we got one. After visiting North Carolina during week eight of the trip, we realized we had seen what we wanted and had several good options. Although there were several additional towns where we had thought we might stop, they didn't end up meeting most of our criteria. Plus, we realized we prefer a location where snow is likely. So, now we're back... decisions to be made, friends and family to catch-up with, and a house to sell.

I hate her.

; )

- Randy

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