Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Springfield

We've been quiet over the last month as I superstitiously didn't want to foul-up the closing on a lake house we found. Springfield had always been a top pick although not number one. We love Marquette and Vermont along with all the other top 10 places. However, Springfield won out because of several factors:
10. Springfield is within a three-hour drive of Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis (but at least 90 minutes away from each).
09. The bicentennial of Lincoln's birth is about to be celebrated and there's a great Lincoln tourism draw.
08. A developing downtown.
07. An emerging arts/cultural scene.
06. Low cost of living.
05. Grad school nearby.
04. My sister and her family live there.
03. We believe we can custom develop our careers there.
02. We found a fixer-upper for the right price ON THE LAKE!
01. We figured the town needed a boost after The Simpsons picked Vermont.

So now the story really begins. We're now selling our big city house and preparing to move. Preparing to fix-up the new home. Preparing to find income! Preparing for a wedding!!!!

UPDATE: The Daily Herald printed a story this week that featured this blog and our trip. Click HERE to read it.

- Randy


Sanya said...

Can I just say I think it's so cool you guys choose Springfield! I happened upon your blog while searching for an image of downtown springfield. Then, was intrigued by your search!

I am a native Springfieldian. Grew up here, then went away to Colorado for several years, but came back for family.

I hope you love your lake home -- that is where I grew up!!

Sounds like you guys will be a great addition to our community.
Take care.

~ Smooth said...

We're all really glad you chose Springfield....... we've had so much fun!

Life Flipping said...

Thanks, Sanya! I have talked to many people who grew up in Springfield or other smaller towns/cities in the Midwest, couldn't wait to get away, but then as adults ended up wanting to make their home right back where they started. Colorado certainly must have been a nice getaway for awhile :) Going on four years in Springfield and on the lake now, and still love it! Very happy with our choice.

- Sarah

Life Flipping said...

So have we, Sarah~SMMooth! Thank you. It was a great choice, not least because of our wonderful family :)

- Sarah